Offering a Full Range of Home Remodeling Services.

S & D Renovations has vast experience in all facets of home renovations and long-standing history as a superior home remodeler in the Lehigh Valley. All of this makes us an excellent candidate for any project in your home. Every remodeling project presents unique challenges, and our team has the resources and experience to ensure that the end-product blends well with the existing structure. Large or small, we’ll come up with a plan to provide you with a high-quality constructed space you’d envisioned and the pleasant experience you deserve. Whether you are looking to completely renovate your existing house, finish your basement, remodel an old bathroom or kitchen, add on a sunroom or in-law suite, or make a special enhancement to an existing room or even outside deck area, S & D Renovations is your perfect choice for home remodeling services. We take pride in all levels of our work and understand that each and every improvement to your home is an important investment.

Kitchen Remodeling

It’s been said many times, but kitchens are the heart of the home. It’s where meals are prepared, family news is shared and is often the place where guests congregate especially during the holiday season. People want bigger kitchens that flow into other areas of the home, and today’s kitchen renovations often involve at least one of these goals: create an open and seamless flow, add an island for functionality and brighten up the dark space. To make this happen in an existing home often involves removing walls and moving plumbing and electrical around to get an open floor plan you desire. S&D Renovations can design and build a kitchen that not only meets your goals but also maintains the structural integrity of your home.

Bathroom Remodeling

From powder rooms to luxurious en suites, bathroom renovations come in all shapes and sizes. Throughout the remodeling process, there is a lot to consider in creating the environment you want: reconfiguring the space, carving out more storage and choosing materials and fixtures. Whether you want a complete bathroom replacement or to add a new bathroom to an existing basement or bedroom, we can design a bathroom that is functional, beautiful and timeless.

Home Additions

Are you longing for more space for entertaining and enjoying the home in which you live? Whether it is a small bump-out to the breakfast nook or adding a second floor, at the core of every addition design we do is this: making sure that it looks like it was a part of the home from day one. S&D Renovations can seamlessly add a new structure onto your existing home to create a more open and functional living space.

Whole House Renovations

Whole house renovations can take different forms depending on what you want from your home. Some decide to undergo a whole house renovation after buying a house in a location they love but aren’t thrilled with the home’s layout. Others want interior renovation with an addition to create a more open floorplan, while others choose to include an exterior renovation with the addition of a sunroom or screened-in porch. Whatever the case, we have the design/build process to create the flow you want within your home.

Sunrooms, Outdoor Rooms and Porches

Sunroom additions, outdoor rooms and porches all center on the desire to have a more livable, usable and comfortable space close to nature while still being able to escape the sun. Sunrooms capture the natural daylight and provide a feeling of being in the great outdoors all year round. Screened-in porches allow you to enjoy the fresh air without being disturbed by pesky bugs, and porches provide nice curb appeal and shelter from sun, rain and snow.

Basement Renovations

A finished basement can add more space for work, rest, play and entertainment. In many homes, a basement renovation allows you to gain additional square footage with minimal-to-no structural changes being made. Basements are the perfect spot to add a guest bedroom suite (with full bath), a work-out room, a family room or a home-theatre.

In-Law Suites

In-law suites, or mother-in-law quarters, are a growing remodeling request, as more families want to have their loved ones living under the same roof. In-law suite renovations are typically either an addition to the home or working within the confines of the home to create a space that accommodates the in-law’s needs. Whether it’s transforming a dining room into a first-floor bedroom or creating a separate “apartment-like” area with a kitchenette, living room and bath, we will look at the layout of your home and develop a design that makes sense – one that flows with the home and is appealing for years to come.

Aging-In-Place Remodeling

Most of us have the goal to live comfortably, safely and independently in our homes for as long as possible, and an aging-in-place renovation can help you achieve this goal for yourself or a loved one. From complex remodeling projects such as creating a new first-floor master suite or adding an elevator, to simpler solutions, like making a bathroom safer and more functional, S&D Renovations is a certified aging-in-place specialist and can develop a plan to accommodate your new needs.


Custom Carpentry Work

Some of the most enjoyable elements of any home are seen in the details. S&D Renovations is an expert in custom carpentry work and have built hundreds of specialized projects for our customers over the years. Some of our favorite projects include custom cabinets and bookshelves, crown molding, library panels, decorative ceilings, windows and doors and building an under-the-stairs doghouse.