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The Design-Build Construction Approach

The Design-Build Construction Approach used by S&D Renovations refers to our ability to act as both designer and builder throughout your project. With this concept, we are able to offer a single team that includes your builder and architect and, thus, eliminates the often challenging issue of coordinating your architect’s designs and his or her schedule with that of your builder. We work together, as one unit, to make sure the project is designed exactly the way you would like and that, most importantly, the design will work once it is transferred from paper onto the worksite. This approach also keeps both the architect and builder accountable for helping you keep within your budget.

Another benefit to having the design element within our team is that we can easily make modifications to your plans when the need arises based on new opportunities or unexpected obstacles. In this situation, significant delays are avoided by having the design build construction team onboard.


If homeowners prefer to work with their own architects, our Design/Build process can easily adapt to this situation as well by establishing a working relationship along the lines of the Design/Build concept. Getting the architect and contractor on board together in the beginning of the design stage is an important part to the success of the renovations project. Most architects welcome the opportunity to work with the builder from the initial stages of the project. It is important to understand the need to include the builder in the planning process. Unlike building a new home, there are many things to consider when trying to add on to an existing structure. This interesting aspect of the job also creates a need to have a strong relationship with the outside contractors in specialized trades, such as the plumbers and electricians. S&D Renovations has spent 20 years establishing a sound base of sub-contractors. We do not bid out these phases of your job and award them to merely the lowest bidder, but we pride ourselves in using only companies who have proven themselves to us.


One of the most important components of the Design / Build Approach is the constant communication among all parties involved in your renovations project – most importantly, YOU. All S&D Renovations employees strive to include the homeowner in different aspects of the renovations process, always keeping them up to date on the design and construction process. This helps everyone understand expectations and possible challenges. It is our goal to add structure to the remodeling process, which is often left out by other renovation companies. You will notice our concern for coordinating all details from our initial meeting to our final walk through of your completed renovation. In this situation significant delays are avoided by having the design/build team on board.

Addition/Renovation Video Series with Architect Doug Patt